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Dave Maggart's - NCC Story

Dave Maggart became a member in 1977 when his parents joined. Below is Dave Maggart’s “NCC Story”

Rod and Sue Maggart became members of the Norfolk Country Club in 1977, when their son Dave was 12 or 13 years old. When Dave Maggart left for Hastings College in 1984, his parents also moved away, leaving the Norfolk Country Club. Dave doesn't know this for sure, but he sometimes wonders if his parents would have become members if he hadn't been so passionate about golf. When Dave completed his Bachelors Degree at Hastings College, he moved to Phoenix, AZ where he was intent on becoming a Golf Pro. Dave remembers the realization that seemingly every other kid in Arizona shared the same dream he did of becoming a Golf Pro.

Dave wasn't above the hard work it would require, but he had a keen understanding that achieving success would mean he would have to start at the bottom to work his way up through the ranks in Arizona. Dave made the decision to move back to Norfolk when he was offered a job at NCC as the Assistant Pro, under Alan Artach. Dave gave that job his best effort, until he felt he might be better served putting his degree to use.

Dave started his banking career for the Delay Bank in the early 90's and after several mergers and changes of ownership, took his career to Elkhorn Valley Bank in 1996, where he still works today. Dave has served almost 10 years on the Board at the NCC, serving 2 years as Club President. He remembers those years as Club President fondly, noting that he was the President during the Norfolk Country Club's Centennial in 2008.

Dave and Becky Maggart have been active members and their son Luke(27) and daughter Logan(24) enjoyed growing up at the Norfolk Country Club. Dave shared that his kids didn't pick up the love for the game of golf like many of his friends' families, but they have enjoyed being members of a great Club. Becky has expressed a renewed desire to golf more, now that she and Dave are 'empty nesters'. "The key to our future, is to have a vibrant youth program that is going to attract a family, like it did for my parents." shares Dave. He understands the sacrifice his parents made for him to groom his golf game from a very young age and he hopes that the Norfolk Country Club can build on that model in the future.