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Barry's NCC Story

Barry & Cathy Gerber moved to Norfolk, NE in March of 1993. Below is Barry’s “NCC Story”

Our first exposure to the Norfolk Country club was when our realtor drove us through the entry gate and up the beautiful driveway to the Clubhouse. I was an avid golfer and I remember thinking how impressive the Norfolk Country Club was and I assumed that we would not be able to afford being a member.

We did manage to join the Norfolk Country Club as an associate member after paying a small initiation fee and it was the best decision we ever made. We met many friends at the Norfolk Country Club and really became introduced to Norfolk because of NCC. Cathy actually shed a tear the day we got transferred to Norfolk and now she would never leave because this is our home and the Norfolk Country Club is a big part of that.

In 1995 we started our family with a bang when our triplets were born: Jordan, Matt and Ross. That was the second time that we had to question “can we really afford the Norfolk Country Club? ” The bottom line is we found a way to stay because we simply love the place.

Over the triplet’s childhood years, our family spent countless hours in the pool. There were times I would even bring the 3 kids by myself when Cathy was working. I would again like to say a special “thank you” to the NCC lifeguard who fished Jordan out of the pool. (PS—I’m not a bad Dad. I saw Jordan jump in, but at that very moment, I had my hands full with the boys! You might argue I still do!!)

Many Sundays were family golf outings and I liked to joke with everyone that the kids learned to love golf by playing the course 20 feet at a time. Now when we all go out, I can’t win anymore!

Norfolk Country Club has truly been a special place for our family. We have so many GREAT family memories. It is my hope that NCC will always be here for families like ours to enjoy.